Internationally  acclaimed,  The Kanon Tennis Ball Machine and The Kanon Cricket Bowling Machine is popular with coaches and players because they are extremely easy to use, versatile, reliable and affordable.

“ We have had the Kanon machine at our cricket club for around ten years and it is one of my favourite coaching aids, the players love it and we think they are excellent”.
Tony Robson
Training Manager -England and Wales Cricket Board

‘The Kanon is the most versatile training machine available, every coach should have one”
Martin Roberts
Former Gloucestershire wicket keeper and Level 3 coach

For Outdoor and Indoor Cricket and Tennis Practice

With the Kanon beginners can quickly master the basics. More advanced players can programme the machine to simulate and practice a wide variety of strokes.

Kanon have been producing Kanon machines since 1975. The Kanon offers a variety of features to benefit players and coaches at all levels.

Kanon machines are constructed with robust and state-of-the-art components. Tested to international standards, they are safe and easy to operate. Kanon machines are being regularly used by customers world wide.

The versatile Kanon machines are ideal for the beginner to learn and practice every shot while advanced players will reach new heights.

For your peace of mind each Kanon ball machine is supplied with a 1-year guarantee.
Variation for all round practice
Variable Frequency
Variable Speed
Variable Elevation
Automatic Variable Side-to-Side action

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